My name is Norman David Verona. I was born in Stepney Green Jewish Hospital on 20th December 1946. My parents were Sidney Verona and Annie Mille Verona (nee Schneir) but known as Dolly. I have a brother, nine and a half years younger called Marc. I have been married to Lynne (nee Rosenberg) since 1968. We met at Christmas 1964 and married on 3rd November 1968. We have two children (children! They are 42 and 44), We are extremely proud of our kids, you'll see why when I get that part written. Our first house was in Barkingside, Essex. After 14 years there we moved to Chigwell. Seven years later saw us in Sheffield and, 15 years after that we retired to the Loire Valley in France.


Ok, intros over, let the blood flow......


I have written this book as I feel I've had an interesting life so far. It's May 2014 and I'll be 68 in December. Not quite in the waiting room yet, but close enough to start thinking about recording what I've been up to this past 68 years.


It is not in strict chronological order, rather in subject order but trying to follow the time line.


I have named names where I remember them, I have also said it as I saw it at the time. If this upsets anyone I'm sorry, I have tried to be impartial and fair but will probably upset some. And, maybe bring a smile to many.


If you want to sue for libel, be my guest. You won't get any money because I've spent it all and any property is in France. Not a get-out just the facts.


I think you may find I have high principles. I started to realise that a man is no more than his reputation when I was appointed to the board of Osborn Garages. Since then (about 1976) I've tried to be a pillar of the community, not tell lies, and be as fair as I can with customers. I'm always getting into trouble over this, so, I suppose, I'll end up in trouble when certain people read this (if any read this!)


Enjoy it, as the title says, WELL, I HAD FUN.