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Big brakes. The disc is vented and grooved 11.5", heavy but works well at high speeds

Over the top" exhaust. Apart from being larger bore and equal length pipes, it keeps the heat away from the alternator & starter







Lightweight rear lights in a triangle arrangement. The dash has dials & warning lights in a triangle as well.



Superlight Wheels in breakfast room before fitting. Look nice as a feature in a living room, don't they.

The story starts in June (2004) when I decided to upgrade wheels & tyres. I rang round and chose Superlite as the supplier. On the basis that they could make 2x7" and 2x8" wheels and fit Avon ACB10 tyres and deliver in 2/3 weeks. As  I wanted them for late August (8 weeks) I sent my cheque off. After 3 weeks I rang to check on progress. "Wheels are made and centres are at bodyshop being painted". Rang following week and told "wheels now back" will be on the way tonight (Friday). On the Wednesday I rang to be told "Waiting for the wheels to come back from the bodyshop". A week later I rang to check progress of these wheels which seemed to be going back & forward to the bodyshop. "Got the wheels painted but now held up waiting for the tyres - production problems at Avon". I waited 10 days and rang again. "No tyres yet". Ok, says I, give me the size and I'll see if I can get them. "leave it with me I'll chase them again". I rang a few days later to be told "Your tyres are in and wheels will be sent off tomorrow." This meant I should have the wheels by Wednesday but was leaving to go on Holiday. being a wise old bugger I asked Jim in the office to check up whilst I was away. "Tyres not in yet" he was told. On return & still keeping cool I rang to say he had told me the tyres were in but never mind let me know the size & I'll see if I can get them. "Oh you want Avon A032 852's" Now the knowledgeable will know that that's a Yoko tyre and there's no such tyre size as 852. I rang George Polley for some 8" Avon ACB10's and being an honest fellow told him the full story. "Don't know why he's saying he hasn't got them I sent him 2x7"and 2x8" Avon's 3 weeks ago". Right, time to stop being Mr Nice. Ring Superlight and read the riot act. Promised the wheels would be sent of that night (Friday). Didn't arrive on Monday so now told they would be sent that day (Monday). Wheels arrived on Wednesday - no wheel nuts. Rang and told "Henry's not in today". Explained problem and asked if I wanted the locking wheel nuts and spare tyre valves as well as the 16 wheel nuts. "No just the wheel nuts", was my reply. Suspecting they wouldn't arrive next morning I got some Ford wheel nuts and fitted the wheels. Now needed longer studs (reason why is due to big brakes) so onto DT and next morning long studs arrive, are fitted and still no Superlite nuts. This morning (Friday) the nuts arrive and jobs finished - just in time to go to Brize Norton for the speed trials. Now, last job, check tyre pressures. N/S/R 25psi - drop to 18. N/S/F 75psi... 75PSI!. what's this then? Inspection reveals that the tyre rim wasn't seated. The tyre is rated max 55psi and took 8,5 bar (120psi) pressure to get the tyres on the rim. I hate to think what may have happened if I hadn't seen it.

If asked I will NOT be recommending Superlite Wheels



Not sure I prefer the look, I like the all black Revolutions (see above)

2 minor upgrades in September 2004. The first was a self canceling indicator unit from Signal Dynamics in the US and the second was fitting clear front indicator lenses with silver bulbs.



Clear front lenses with silver bulbs. Doesn't excite me but some like it.



The 2 red buttons with the chrome surrounds are the left & right indicator switches. (The other red button on the right hand side is the Speedo programme button). Touch a button and indicators flash for 7 seconds, hold down for 2 seconds and they flash for 35 seconds and hold down for 3 seconds and you get 75 seconds of flashing. Touch both together and you get hazards.





These number plate lights are led and look like number plate screws. They work well, are very light and look neat. They will hold a plastic number plate on but mine is a stick on.



Raceco Titanium silencer fitted by Mike Riley (Metal Mickey) on 19/2/05. Brilliant job by a great guy with a lovely family. Comes highly recommended as it's quiet, well made and, above all, very, very light.

  (not THAT quiet though)

Showing the oil thermostat. The oil cooler is in front of the rad. You should have a thermo if you are plumbing in an oil cooler to a dry sump installation.

The dry sump tank installed in front of the passenger foot well. The footwell extension is cut off and a flat ali plate is cut and riveted in its place.


General photo showing the tank, thermo, oil cooler. The pump is under the distributor.

Close up of the pump. Burton Power have a good schematic of the oil system.





The in and out pipes on the tank. Note the double elbow fittings on the top. These may not be pretty but they are far cheaper from hydraulic engineers than motor sport supplier.



The oil filter which, on mine, is situated on the front of the drivers footwell. Use large washers on both sides else you may rip the ali when removing the filter. Since moved - see Accident rebuild pages

The layout of the oil system has changed. See the 2007 rebuild pages.