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Brize Norton 2004

Geoff Brown a Lotus 7 Club member arranged for several club members to attend the annual Brize Norton Bike Club speed trials held at RAF Brize Norton at the end of August 2004, The weather let us down (again) as we had a couple of sharp showers in the morning and heavy rain at 3pm which forced me to call it a day after only 4 runs. My best time was 13.36 secs for a standing 1/4 mile. Given more time and better weather I  am confident I would have been below 13 secs. here are a couple of pictures of the day.

Low Flying. The intrepid 7'ers by their steeds. The plane is a C17 Hercules Transporter

Fast run? Picture taken by Arnie Webb with shutter set 1/60th sec.

  Air intakes

Arnie with cat box fitted. (When he first got the huge air box he called into my house with it and put it on our kitchen table. Our cat climbed right inside. We tell Arnie that we haven't seen cat since)

Arnie close up. Note very wide slicks. They stick out of the wing about 6". Following him down the runway in heavy rain at 135+mph was not fun. Couldn't see a thing through the spray!

Arnie & the Count (well known to blatchaters & Le Mans'ers)

The Count in full flight.