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To be exact, a Shedders party

In December 2004, some of the "shedders"* had a Christmas party. This is the evidence that proves shedders are truly insane.

* Shedders are funny creatures that inhabit the test area on www.blatchat.com


The shedders enjoying themselves. But who's growing out of the table?

HM and Miss Mav find something interesting.......

...... Its Abirtwistle playing with himself.

The principle players, or should we call them villains! This is Myles. Nice shirt Myles.

That well know gorgeous hunk, Mav. (got to be nice to him, he likes my car). Now, now Mav, your not auditioning for the James Bond movie.

Sorry, what was that, you'll have to speak up, I can't hear you. (Because I'm a deaf bastard). If I squeeze hard enough, I'll make these things go whizzzz............ or fart.

No, no HM, you stick a party whistle in your ear.

Mr. & Mrs. GTD. Something's made Mrs. GTD laugh, wonder what's going on under the table.

Ballast has also found something to laugh at. I had great enjoyment reading her tee-shirt. I think she put it on just for me.

A toad under a  tree. Nice tie Mr. Toad, You'll have to lend it to Myles, it matches his shirt. Or is it his shirt?

Dave21P is this a drunken stare. Don't think so, he's still got the tie on.


These two again. NO you can't have my coffee Miss Mav







Aw, come on HM, let's have a sip.



Tam, it's a party, you're supposed to be happy.

My god, are those things real! (HM, pot and black?)


That's better, amazing what a bottle does for ones disposition.


Whilst were in that area, barberella's tie, Scary.

Delbert being happy.

Powder puffs don't grow on trees you know, they grow out of tables.

Mr. Toad a well known football hooligan. (Well known to Maidenhead Police, that is)






Fletch & the Abnorm are caught in the act of............



......... coveting someone else's balls.

Barberella has a quite moment falling asleep with .........


Just as Mav takes a picture of some cleavages (the pictures that got Paul so excited) guess who comes in......

... or should I say barged in. It's none other than the Swift's.

Right Oh says Roger, let me get  that..........

.........Scary penguin.

Myles looks on in amazement at the Mav doing a blow job.

Who knows?

It's not that way, it's behind you. I think they thought it was a panto.

Abirtwistle practices bondage on Tam, who thinks he'll go away if she closes her eyes tight enough.

Who's the beardy behind me, did he drink this lot then?

It's only Big Norm, you can look, he's not that bad. Or is he?

What a happy bunny, why is he wearing Madonna's boob on his head?

Is this why we couldn't wake him up in the morning?

What's all this then? It's ok, they came together.

I think ballast is enjoying herself.

Really, you don't say. This must have been early in the evening, he looks like he's paying attention.

The parties over and some of the revellers retire to the boudoir.


And finally, well you work it out.                                                                                  

  Many thanks to all those I've insulted and slagged off in this pictorial essay of how not to behave. IT WAS A GREAT PARTY.