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Mav & Friends track day - Anglesey March 2005

Mav organised a track day at Anglesey on Good Friday 2005.

It was one of the best days I've had with Seveners. There was no arguments, no complaints, everyone was smiling, the weather was good - what more can one want.

The chap in the photos wearing a DJ is Dave21p an enthusiastic Caterham 21 owner (He runs the Caterham 21 register). He donned the DJ for a bet and raised over 250 for Leukemia Research Fund. Well done Dave.

Lynne sitting in Dave's 21. She said she liked it! (She doesn't like the Elise and I can't see how she can like the 21 and not the Elise.)


Dave 21 Pearson in his penguin suit.

And at full chat, still in the DJ!


Guess who?






On the 27th April 2005, Delbert organised a day at Curborough Sprint Track for 10 shedders. I duly took some tools and all the camera kit (camera case, tripod and 500mm lens). When I open the camera case to take out the camera I found that some idiot had left it on the widow ledge of the office. I'm not saying who the idiot was. Anyway here's a picture of yours truly taken by Powder Puff.

What a big head you've got grandad. Or should that be grandma - I drive like it!