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The French Blatting Company


The Barn Conversion

June 2010

No work was done in June as I was still recovering from the torn muscles in my back. That's my story and I'll stick to it. The weather was really nice.

July 2010

Most of July passed by with some really great company in the form of Paul Formston and Sue and Keith & Val

But the day had to come at some time. I put the battery of the SAAB on charge on Monday 19th. On Wednesday 21st it started up without a problem. I moved it into the barn. That was enough for one day.


July 22nd

Thursday the 22nd sees me up bright and early watching breakfast on TV. At 10:00 I rouse myself and don the work gloves and load the SAAB with its first load. I reckon each load is about 1 ton and end up moving 4 ton. Now I know that's not a lot but it isn't bad for the first days work in over 3 months.

However, look at the poor SAAB.....


The SAAB rear wheel in an unladen state.


and fully laden. The tyres are scraping on the wheel arch and the tow bar is 4" off the ground.

I've had a day or so at moving stone but what with the Father-in-law being here and other things (laziness?) I've had a rest. However I've researched the market and found a 3/4 size concrete breaker weighing 20 kilos (instead of 40) for the princely sum of 159. They're out of stock at the moment but a new batch are due in Monday. Before that I bought a half size model which had a damaged steel case and the oil had run out all over the interior of the case. It was 149. Only problem was it didn't work - small matter really. They refunded my money but didn't have another.


We've got friends here next week so no work until week after. Then I'm throwing myself at it and will have the whole lot broken up and removed by the end of August - PROMISE.

31st July

We have an emergency here at the moment. I'll let the pictures do the talking (that'll be a change then)

Good news first. 5 new ducklings who have survived the first 2 weeks of life and should now mature without a problem.



Now for the emergency. Where did all the water go? It hasn't rained, other than a bit of drizzle, since May. Another few days and it will be dry and then  bake hard. OK for getting the weeds out but not good for the ducks.




But the answer lies in the paddling pool - complete with duck launching platform.

4th August 

As this is about ducks and ducklings I've kept it in July. I'll be resuming the barn conversion next week when I'll move over to an August page.

The following sequence is the hilarious 15 minutes when the last two ducklings attempted to get out of the paddling pool.

Mum says we've got to get out now.


Oh, is that how you do it.


Easy isn't it.


Well not that easy, it's a long way up here.


I've given up - It's like climbing a moantain!


OK, one more try.


No, I can't do it, it's far too high.


Yippee! I've almost done it.


There you go - easy!


See mum, it wasn't that hard. Can we do it again tomorrow.


All tucked up under mums wings.