Engine Rebuild by Roger King

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Original bearing, just caught in time



Block, freshly painted. From the rear.



From the front.



Showing the cylinder liner in place



Looking down the liner.



The line from the bottom showing the lip to stop movement.



The jack shaft cut down. It only uses the gear for the pump and distributor.



New crankshaft.



Flywheel. More a plate to hold the clutch.



Crank lid in place but no caps fitted.



Crank, bolted in and flywheel attached.



Flywheel. Note the 12 bolts holding it on.



Flywheel bolts and spigot bearing.




Front of engine showing the crank and jackshaft gears for the belt.



Water pump, idler pulley and crank pulley now fitted.



Distributor. Lucas electronic system.



Piston and con rod. 



Oil pump dismantled.



Head gasket laid in position.



Pressure testing the engine assembly.



The cylinder head and it's components.



Close up of the cylinder head chamber before valves are installed.



Cylinder head fully assembled.



Engine assembled with oil pump, distributor, water pump but no camshafts.



Camshafts and cam wheels in position. Note how they are in their own housing.



cam belt now fitted.



Complete engine with a piece of wire for timing purposes.



Clutch fitted. This clutch ahs been changed for an AP unit.



Front of completed engine.



The inlet ports.



The inlet side of the engine.



A pair of Webers with large K&N filters.



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