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MG TF 160

We're in a pub with friends and he's telling us his MG F has rotted away and it's going to cost over £3000 for new subframes and suspension arms. I said he should just buy another. He responds that the chap who looks after his cars has two TF160's One very expensive with fancy paint and a lot of performance goodies and the other bog standard. Both have new head gaskets, water pumps and cam belts as well as new hoods with glass rear windows (heated) and the underneaths have been repainted. He says he may buy the expensive one. Lynne chips in with.... "Why don't you buy the cheaper one and we can go on holiday in it. I know you don't like driving the Mini" I was speechless! In the event my friend bought the cheaper one so I trawled all the ads and found one with 44500 miles, a new HG 4000 miles ago and only surface rust underneath. It has a cracked front bumper and needs the O/S/R wing repainting. I paid £2000 for it and it's having the bumper and wing done now (early October 2019). The underneath is going to be treated for the surface rust and sprayed with POR15 so it never rusts again. I have new tyres for it (nothing wrong with the ones on it but they are 5 years old). I also have a performance chip to fit when I get it back and I'll get the wheels painted black.




 This is it before going into the bodyshop. You can see the crack in the front bumper to the right of the number plate. The previous owner fitted the leather seats and I've given my friend the original black seats to go in his new TF160. Everyone's a winner.

I'll put pictures up after the wheels are painted.


The MG TC and the Elise are in one of the pictures. The Caterham is in front of the MG and Lynne's Mini Cooper S is on the left out of shot. 5 cars! is that too many?

I was having real problems unzipping the rear window. The zip was easy to undo but I struggled to get it done up. It was sticking on the top left hand corner (right from inside). I eventually tried to close it with the use of pliers and, of course, broke the zip tag. I eventually got it closed. I then asked the knowledgable if it really needed unzipping as it seemed the hood would close with it zipped up. I was assured it would as long as I made sure it curved when closed and didn't get creased and then crack. It does fold so I then masked the hood and used my polishing mop with Autoglym Resin to clean the back window. I didn't take a "before" picture but rest assured all I could see through the mirror was shapes. This is how I ended up after an hour of polishing. 




 Next job is to try some dye on the roof as it's gone "off colour". I have ordered some but on looking at the colour of the roof again I think it may be too light. I have some black so a few drops may darken what I've bought.

 I've ordered new mud flaps (2 are broken) and a new key fob and two blanks. The fob has to be programmed so it's booked in for 29th October. The wheels are being done on Tuesday to Thursday.


I've now ordered the "comfort" set of Bilstein shock absorbers and a set of lowered springs. Then I added a new hood, this one has a glass HRW.


Collected car from the wheel people, what do you think.



 This is the front bumper after repairs.



 Looks good to me.