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I fitted the heater to the wall first thing. Then I tried to programme it but couldn't get the screen to display. I was planning on taking it back on Tuesday but when it got dark the screen was visible. I'll have to use google translate to translate the instruction book because I can't work out how to programme it to come on a 0700 and go off at 2300. For the time being I'll switch it on and off.

The heater fitted to the wall. The book says there should be 2400mm from bottom to floor but the porch hasn't got a wall suitable for that height. The long extension lead is temporary until I get a shorter one.

 The screen. Best picture I can take, sorry.


Got up late and had breakfast/lunch. In the afternoon I watched the football scores. My yeam, Sheffield Wednesday, drew again. They're still 6th in the leage but now 4 points behind 5th. Then my computer went tits up. AVG says I have malware but it won't clear them. I tried to find them in the file path but only succedeed in hideing all the files. I gave up and watch TV, recorded Match of the Day and had an early night.


We went to the optician. They did all the normal tests including taking a picture of the back of my eye. The optician was really pleased as he said he could see improvemt. So I'm bokked in for a second round of injections this Thursday and then next week. He then examined Lynne and she's now all set up to have cataracts done in March. The apointment for the operations (left then 2 weeks later the right) was made at the opticians but then we had to go to the hospital to make an apointment to see the anaesthetist three days before the first operation. Got home at 1200. I then went to sleep for an hour. I don't feel that good and a bit of sleep made me feel better. In the afternoon Wayne came around and we dragged the big compressor out and put the battery on charge. If we can get it going and Waynes friend can fix the sandblaster he can use it on his new house.


I feel really rough. Satv around in a fleexe and top coat and was still old. Every thing I ate made me feel sick


Awoke early and took a calming pill at 0630, up at 0730, another pill and off to the optician. Still feel rough. Injection went OK. When we got home lynne said I had a temparature. So, I'm now officially ill. 


I felt ill all day. I had a temperature and was hallucinating. Stayed in bed most of the day.


Felt the same on Saturday.


Felt even worse on Sunday.


Monday and Lynne calls the doctor. I’m rushed to the local hospital where Lynne is told to expect the worse. After an hour or so trying to work out what was wrong I’m taken by ambulance (at high speed) to Angers CHU. I’m stuck on high volumes of anti-biotics. After two days of this my temperature drops a bit and they say I’m out of danger, Apparently I have pneumonia.


I'm being pumped full of anti-biotics as well as lots of other menicine. I look like a pin cushion. I can't eat as it makes me feel sick.


 Not much change, just feel worse. At some time my daughter turns up. That made me feel better.


 No change, just feel worse


Same, no change. The nurses are very good and do cheer me up.


The doctors are talking about letting me go home. At least it will take the pressure off Lynne, having to visit the hospital every day


 No doctors on duty today


 At last, after a lot of discussing my medication I'm allowed home. I'll continue the saga tomorrow, I'm too tired to carry on at the moment.

17-01-2017 to 27-01-2017

 Excuse the consilidation but I've been in bed until this morning. Felling a bit better but still very weak.


Awake all night with a severe pain in my right big toe - gout. I take pills to stop the crystallisation of the blood in the large toe but all medication was stopped when I was taken into hospital. Lynne phoned the doctor and he said to come in. This isn't our friend Camille but one of the new doctors. He examines me and then looks up my file on the computer and all the hospital notes are there. He prescribes a pill to get rid of the crystals, says it will take two - three days to work. Then he goes through the hospital notes. I was admitted and tested for almost no liver or kidney function. They pumped massive amounts of anti-biotics into me. Then they did a x-ray of my lungs and found another infection and pneumonia. Lynne had already been told to expect the worse and they didn't think I'd get through the night. But the lung infection and pneumonia got them to arrange for immediate transfer to Angers Hospital Intensive Care. I was there within the hour


 Listened to Radio 4 and watched the footbal. Very boring day.


It's now1120 and we've been to have some blood tests. Got back and had some breakfast and got the blog up to date. I'm now going to sit down and watch TV


I'm just sitting in a chair watching TV.

Last day of the first month. I'm pleased to be here and hope to be rebuilding Alexandre engine by the end of the month.

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