The French Blatting Company


April 2018



We went to Kerry's for a slap upmeal with all the family. Had a good meal then went into the lounge to watch the Chelsea-Tottenham game... and fell asleep. 


 We were going shopping early so as to be back for the trimmer who was bringing the seats back at 1500. However with heavy snow Lynne decided it could wait. At 1500 Mark the trimmer rolls up and we get the seats into the garage. He then fits the wheel arch covers. He has had a problem with the back rest cove as it isn't long enough. However I think he's pulling it down to far. I'll remove his tacks along the bottom tomorrow and see if I can get the bottom fitted OK. The cover doesn't cover the bottom three inches and I think this is the problem. When he went I refitted the side interior trims and glued down the material he lifted to get the wheel arch covers fitted. I'll finish fitting the seats and hood tomorrow. Only problem is the seats don't match the interior panels. I'm sure the interior panels are the correctr colour, it's the seats that are wrong. It's only slight, but annoying.

Looking better except for the colour difference.


Started at 0830 and got the back cover and fittings on the backrest. I also pulled the staples from the bottom of the seat so that it would fit... it did. I then screwed the cushions in and fitted the backrest. Next was the trwo breckets for the seat adjuster arms which needed screwing to the back of the backrest followed by the rail which goes across. It's not the best of jobs but I've ordered some leather dye from Gliptone so I can get the colours matching. When I apply the dye I will do a better job fitting the back cover. Lynne and I refit the hood and I fit the screws and cup washers to the rear of the hood.  At this point I got changed and went into Barnsley to get a plastic disc for the sat nav to attach to. The one I screwed to the tunnel does not hold the sucker. Then on to the pub to meet Lynne, Kerry, Malakia, Tash and Caydon who are going on to pictures, Peter Rabbit. I come home, have an hours sleep then fit the two rear side screen brackets.  I refit the toneau cover, which still needs cleaning and I'm stuck. Lynne has taken the keys to the Mini and I need to move it so I can push the Caterham into it's space in order to get thye MG out. I will be driving it for an hour to get the oil really hot then leave the oil draining overnight.

Hood on and up.

The seats don't look too bad now, but I'l still dye them the correct shade of red.

Satnav being very discreet.


Shopping day. Decided to leave early and pop into Barnsley Hospital to see what has happened to my endocronology appointment which was cancelled when we had the heavy snow. I walk up to reception, say good morning and "I think I've fallen down a hole". The receptionist stops fiddling with the papers on her desk and gives me a funny looks. "Yes, it must be that, I had an appointment with Dr. Mazak which was cancelled when we had the bad snow and I've not heard anything since". She then sees the joke, smiles and asks my name, date of birth amd address. "Yes, you have fallen into a hole, we seemed to have missed you". She looks at the computer screen for a few seconds then announces that I'll have to leave it with her as the next appointment she has is in August. With this delay the treatment I was under will have to start from the beginning again.

We then go to Matalan as Lynne needs a black top and trousers for the funeral of her aunt which is next Tuesday in London. It takes three quarters of an hour to buy these two items. On to Morrisons for shopping. I didn't feel too good so when we got home instead of changing the oil filter I slept for two hours.


Started on the car at 0830. Put the sump plug back in, moved the bowl of oil, didn't spill too much then removed the oil filter. Fitted new filter and looked for the three cans of 20W/60 mineral oil I know I had when we left France. Can't find it. I will have to go to Moss Bradford to get more but can't leave yet as Dan is coming to refit the two loose floor tiles in the new shower room and to tile the inside of the door. He arrives at about 0930, I show him everything and then leave for Bradford. An hour there, 15 minutes talking to Carl at Moss (and getting three cans of oil) and an hour back. I refill the engine followed by lunch. After lunch I ask Lynne to watch for leaks as I start the engine. All is well so I let the car off the axle stands, push the Caterham out (I've already parked the Elise down the road and moved the Mini) get the MG outside and push (with Lynne's help) the Caterham back into the workshop. It's the Caterham next, the new handbrake callipers and handbrake to be fitted as well as a new oil pipe from tank to pump. I then spend the rest of the afternoon washing and polishing the MG. Jobs to be done are sort out the headlights which seem to have one on dip and the other on main, ease the choke cable, advance the ignition and weaken the mixtures. I was planning on checking the headlights against the garage door when it got dark but forgot it's Thursday and we go to a pub for a meal and the quiz. I'll do it tomorrow.


 A very shiny MG.


Up at 0530 whilst it's still dark. A quick breakfast and I'm in the garage checking the headlights. Turns out that the N/S reflector and bulb are 90 degrees out so it's dipping side to side. Novel. I reposition it and of course it's now upside down. Finally get it right, Then spend twenty minutes getting the choke cable eased. It's now 0630 so I come indoors to get this up to date. Next job is the start the car and warm it up, reset the ignition and carbs then come inside to apply the grout to the tilles on the door and drill holes for the lock to be attached. I'll complete this blog this evening.


I applied the grout but will need more as two sections are not full and I ran out. Dan told me to drill the tiles, for the door lock, with normal HSS drills. Having burnt out 4 drills & spent an hour drilling, I went to Wickes and bought two 5mm masonary bits. Took 30 seconds to drill the four remaining holes. I then did the big clear up taking all the tools downstairs and washing the door, walls and floor. I got a bucket of hot water with dishwashing detergent in and scrubbed the shower room floor with a scouring pad to remove the film of grout left over when Dan redid the two floor tiles. It was about 1530 when I'd finished so I had a shower and went to bed for an hour.

When I got to Wickes I noticed the cable which goes from left to right (or right to left) at the front of the hood had snapped. I rang the nearest Lotus dealer (JCT600 in Leeds) and asked for Lotus service reception. I was told they were at lunch and would ring me back. Having not recieved a call by 1500 I rang again only to be told they would ring me back. At 1645 I rang and just asked for service reception. Chap answered and I explained what I needed and needed it by next Saturdy. He explained he didn't know what to order as the one Lotus mechanic they have is on holiday until 16th... no use to me I'm going to Gaydon in the car on 14th. I rang one of our customers, Oakmere in Norwich. Call took less than 3 minutes, they have the cable in stock and will fit it next Friday.

Shower room with tiled door.


 I decided to get Lynne an automatic car. She's struggling with the gears on the Cooper S but won't say so as she knows how much the car has cost. However, that cost was entirely my fault so she shouldn't have to suffer by keeping the car. I looked on Autotrader for an Auto Mini Cooper. Found a few at dealers but none were open until 1000. I then found a private car for sale at about £1500 less than the dealers. It has only done 40,000 miles, is silver and is in Shrewsbury. I ring and ask if it's still for sale, yes it is so I make an offer. I explain that if the offer is OK I'll transfer the money today and collect during the week. He says he'll have to ask his wife but she's out. I leave it with him and ask him to ring me back. We then set off for Meadowhall as I want to but new shirts. We go into Primark but they have no long sleeved casual shirts. Lynne wants to look around so I go out and get a coffee in the shop opposite. I ring the man in Shrewsbury and he says my offer is acceptable, I tell him I'll ring him back in  afew minutes to get his bank details. Lynne comes back and borrows a pen from the girl behind the counter and we ring back and write down the bank details. I transfer the money. We now own a bright silver (as opposed to a dark grey silver) Mini Cooper Auto. As well as a the Cooper S,  Elise, Caterham and the MG, five cars for two people. I'll get around to selling the Copper S next week. We go into Weatherspoons for lunch then leave for football. Wednesday were back to their worst but only lost 1-0 to the 3rd club in the league, Fulham. When we get home I ring the chap with the Cooper Auto. The money has arrived so I ask if it's OK to collect on Monday. It is.


The TC got it's first run out this year. We went on the Chesterfield MG Groups's "Shakedown Run". Left home at 0745 and arrived at Clay Cross for 0850. Had tea/coffe and bacon sarnies folowed by feeding the car with £72 of petrol (they are big tanks!). Whilst we were stuffing our faces with fried pig I read the route. I knew all the roads we were going on and we would go withing 1/2 mile of where we used to live.

We set off and whilst is was dry it was a bit chilly and a bit of a wind made it worse. We got to Ladybower at 1100 and stopped for coffee in the Ladybower Inn. Her Majesty (HM) then announced could we follow the route along Mortiner Road but instead of turning left for Woodhead go straight on and make our way home as she was feeling cold. Now, this is the women who walks about in a tee shirt when it's -3c outside with the window in her room open, the rad turned off and still complaining she's hot!

OK, no problem. I phoned friends who live in an idylic spot in the middle of a wood down a 1 in 3 drive. We would pop in to see them. We did, arrived at 1400 and didn't leave until 1900. Got home an hour later.

Great day and many thanks to the Chesterfield Group for a great run even though we didn't complete it.


 I have to go to the doctor which I do at 0830. I went on the website to order a repeat prescription.... this plonker hadn't realised that as it's a new doctors practice and they've never issued a prescription I can't order a repeat. Back by 0900 and we set off in the Elise. We stop once for coffeee and get to Shrewsbury at 1230. They had texted to say they had to go out but would be back by 1245. They arrived about five munutes after us. We do all the paperwork and leave. Stop for lunch and get home about 1700. Lynne is delighted with the car. It is nice and "clean" and drives nicely. I'm really pleased she's pleased. I top up the oil, water, windscreen washers and tyres. The N/S/R is very low. As our cooker circuit is still switched off (to stop the RCD tripping) we have, yet another, Chinese.


We get up early and set off to pick Tanya up to go to Lynne's Aunty Stella's funeral in London. On the way the low tyre indicator comes on. I call into Hawley's Tyres at Hillsborough and they check them and report that it could do with two new rear tyres. Job's done in about 15 minutes and £144 lighter we pick up Tanya and set off down the M1. Get to a pub near the cemetry and have lunch then onto the cemetry. Lynne decides to drive back so I settle down in the back and have a sleep. When we get into Sheffield and are driving in heavy traffic along Parkway the traffic comers to a full stoip and nothing's coming the other wat. Police cars are screaming past us. Tanya gets onto twitter and reports back that a man is threatening to jump off the bridge. They get out the car and can see him. After about thirty minutes he is persuaded to climb back over the railings and is led away. The traffic starts moving and we zip through town, which is almost empty, to Tanya's. We drop her off, say hello to Paul and go to a restaraunt we know. When we get there we ask if the owner is in, we haven't seen him for about 6 years. The lady explains he was run down by a car in town, the car had mounted the pavement. He has a broken pelvis, broken in five place. She thinks he may be back at work next month. Nice meal and home. we both fall asleep in front of the TV.


 Jerry, who's carb's I sorted out, posted on Facebook about a chap in Yorkshire who had two MG YT wings he had to get rid of as he needed the room. I responded that I could store them until someone wanted them rather than to put them in the scrap. Well, it turned out that I knew the chap from the MG Car Club meetings and he lived about 15 minutes from me, He brought the wings this morning and they now reside in one of the sheds. I'll tell Pete at the Octogon Club and he'll advertise them in the club magazine.

In the nafternoon I made more event plaques for the Drive-it-Day run across the Peak Passes, as well as print enough routes. We know have 12 cars and 23 people.


After lunch I removed the seats from the MG and cleaned them. They were'nt that dirty seeing as they'd only been used once for about 60 miles. I got the first coat on the backrest before I ran out of time. The dye went on well and the colour is a perfect match to the rest of the interior.

After lunch we went to the hospital for my "urgent" echocardiograph, only four months and two weeks after it was booked. We went early so I could go to the endocrinology department and chase up the appointment they've missed. The lad at reception looks and tells me it's in for 31st August. I tell him I can't wait that long, it's the hospital at fault here... he calls his boss. She listens and says that it's not acceptable. I ask if she can see one of the doctors for a prescription so I can keep the medication going. She goes off to see the doctor. The lad is looking at the appointments and finds one for 3rd May. The girl come back with a prescription. So, all-in-all a result. I then walk across the lobby to cardioligy and have my echocardiogram. I've had it before so it wasn't a problem and only took about ten minutes.


Up early and left at 0630 to go to Oakmere in Northwich. They are customers and Lotus dealers. Also Caterham, Morgan, Mazda, VW and .... something else, forgotten what. I get ther at 0745 and at 0800 see someone walking around in the showroom. I go in and have a look around whilst waiting for reception. They have nine Caterham, eight new and one used. There's 5 Morgans including a £110,000 Aero 8 plus a new Elise in bright yellow with blue writing all over it. They also have a 3-11. It's outrageous! Have a look and see if you agree... http://www.lotuscars.com/3-eleven-430

Atr 0830 reception is open and they take my keys and the car is taken into the workshop for the new roof cable. I ask Paul (aka Podge) for a new alem fob case and to order me a new alarm fob and spare key as we can't find the spares at home. I'm on my way by 1000 and go across country (Cat & Fiddle), so arrive home just in time to get to the chemist for my pills and to pick up Lynne's from the other chemist. Lynne's aren't in the chemist so I have to get them from the surgery. By this time the chemist is closed for lunch. Lynne will have to collect them another day  After lunch I have a sleep for a couple of hours then watch TV. I'm too tired to do anymore to the seats. I've reserved Sunday to finish the car.

Lynne phones my new doctor to let them know they will be getting the results of the echocardiogram. They tell her it normally takes aboy 10 days then they'll send out a letter so I can make an appointment, which will be a further three weeks. Lynne suggests we make the appointment now. The girl thinks that's a really good idea, so much so that she says she'll do that in future. Why do we call it "common sense" when it seems to be so rare.


Another early start, this time to Gaydon for the T-Types seminar. I get there at 0840 and pull in behind two TC's. We all go in and get tea and our bacon sarnies.

The morning was all about T Type electrics and the first part of the research into modern fuels running an XPAG engine as fitted to the T types. The afternoon was more on the research and a Q&A session. I had gone along in order to meet people. That I did but didn't learn anything I didn't already know about T types. The fuel research was fascinating. They spent four days with an XPAG engine on a test rig at Manchester University. Only problem I had was "what was the point". The car's have 56 BHP, some of the fuels they used aren't readily available and it's never clear if the fuel you're buying has ethanol or not. They did come up with a few mods to keep the fule lines and carbs cooler in order to stop vapourisation. I informed the delegates that I'd fitted MGA heat insulators between the inlet manifold and carbs and that seemed to have cured any problems I may have had as I was using the car in France in near 40c degree temperatures. Got home just before 1900, Simon had been round all afternoon and had just left. Tanya turned up just after I got home. Had dinner and went to sleep for an hour and a half. Lynne and Tanya were still talking.


 Started by taking the seats outside and continuing applying the dye. At just gone ten I had applied the second coat to the backrest and the first to the two cushions. I went to Wickes to get a tin of Evostick so I could stick the bottoms of the seat cover down on the backrest. The trimmer has made a mistake and fitted the backrest too high up so the bottom won't fit. I tack two pieces of material on to the backboard and glue the other ends to the bottom of the backrest cover. That sorts that out. Get the second coats on the cushions before lunch.

I then have to take the dash cover off. Why is it that there are no problems under the dash for two years and then, a week after I fit the cover, the ignition light and the low fuel warning light are not working. I also note the the slots on the tacho bezel are in the wrong position for the dash lights to shine through. It doesn't take too long to sort all this out, refit the cover and the two seat cushions. I'm now waiting for Lynne to awake from her afternoon nap to help me refit the backrest.

I have searched google and found a paper on how to stow the sidescreens in the box. They are now away. The screens have to be laid up in a certain way so the arms fold into each other.

The backrest showing how much short it is.

The backrest now finished with two coats. It's a good match now.

One of the cushions after the first coat.

And the other.

All of them drying. Hope they're dry before it rains.

The seat is now dyed, the left had strip is the original seat cover and the right is the interior colour.

The ignition light and the low fuel lights both now work. Bit difficult to see in daylight.

Seat cushions back in.

Is the colour match OK now?

Finished.... almost. The bar has to be screwed onto the rear of the seat. I need Lynne to hold it in the correct position whilst I get a couple of the screws in. Tomorrow.


After spending about 8 weeks teaching Lynne how to get to Morrisons in Wakefield she decides we should try the one in Barnsley, which I suggested 8 weeks ago. So we went to Morrisons in Barnsley did the shop came home and I went to sleep.


Made a few phone calls in the morning and did a bit of polishing on the TC then took Lynne to the hospital for he titty x-ray. Apart from queuing for 20 minutes to get in the car park it was all uneventful.


Went to EuroParts to pick up a wheel bolt for the new Mini. £1.91 as opposed to a huge sum from the BMW dealers. Then played chess with the cars. Left the Elise outside next doors house, moved the Mini to where the Elise should be, got the MG out and parked it on next doors pavement, put the mini in the garage, moved the MG to the front of the garage and, finally, put the Elise where the Mini is normally parked. Phew, needed a rest after that. We left for the garden centre at about 1030 and got there about 1100. We had a cup of coffee and spent an hour looking around., At 1230 we had lunch. Then we grabbed Jackie and spent the afternoon with her choosing plants, bushes and flowers for the front and garden. We're back home now (1700) and will be going to the MGOC meeting in Rotherham at 1800.

These are pictures of the areas that will be bushed and flowered. The after pictures on Monday, probably.

I plan to cut the grass and take all the rubbish to the tip tomorrow. When I've got all the pots and bushes/flowers in you can guess the cost.


Started packing the rubbish for the tip at 0900. Just about to leave and the garden centre ring to say they're packing our stuff now and will be over in an hour. So, I start cutting the grass and get the strimmer set up. Just as I'm finished cutting and strimming the van turns up. We spend about an hour working out what goes where and then, at 1100 I start potting the stuff for the front. It's sweltering hot in the sun but I soldier on until lunch then start again. Get the last pot filled at 1530 and come in for a rest..... an hour later I wake up. When Lynne wakes up we move the unused compost bags to the garden and all the empty pots into the back of the mini. I'll take the Mini to physio at 0630 in the morning and call into the tip on the way home. I'll also have to buy a new jet wash as mine has just died. So this is the results.

What do you think? Any good?


Left at 0630 for physio in the Mini. Got there at 0700. If I leave at 0700 I get there at 0810 for an 0800 appointment. Matt, the physio, turns up at 0730 so we get an early start. On the way back I called in at B&Q and bought a new jet wash as my cheap Karcher, bought in France has packed up. Bought one of their own brand. Then onto the tip and got rid of all the rubbish. Home by 1030, got changed and started work in the garden. Got all the plants potted then raked the grass and cut it again. After lunch I set up the new jet wash and cleaned all the patio flags (except the one I missed). Washed the table and chairs and got the red dye from the seats off the table and chairs. I thought it was good but HM didn't.

Lynne's herb garden. She did this all herself incuding digging out the weeds. It's very good.


In the corner between the herb garden and the greenhouse.

Jet washing, notice the lazy bastard is sitting down!

The cleaned patio flags, no prizes for noticing the one I missed.

So, what do you think. I'm one of the gnomes apparantly. The one called Grumpy.

My idea for a cascading arrangement. I like it, not sure if you do.


 We left at 1130 and went into Wickes to get two hose adaptors then on to Currys to get Lynne a new phone. From there we went into Morrisons and had lunch before going to see Sheffield Wednesday play Reading. We won 3-0 and I must admit the team are playing much better now some of the injured players are back. In the eveing I shouted and swore as I copied the data from the old phone to the new. The app to copy worked except it didn't copy her contacts. Bluetooth wouldn't connect and when I tried to sync it it told me "Sync is having a problem at the moment, it will be back shortly". After trying for about half hour it did it. Lynne is happy so, therefore so am I


Drive-it-Day. I've organised a route across the Snake Pass, through Buxton and over Cat & Fiddle then to Leek and back to Buxton over Axe Edge. We started and finished at the Ladybower Inn. We got there at 0830 and I had kippers and egges for breakfast. We set off at 1000 with me leading. Stopped at a cafe on the Cat & Fiddle known as Tegg's Nose. I took pictures of all those there and we then carried on getting back to Ladybower for lunch at 1400. About 20 cars started but not all returned. It started raining as we got to the peak of the Snake but had stoipped by the time we left Tegg's Nose. Everyone seemed happy.

Some of the cars lined up in the Ladybower Inn car park.

And some parked at Tegg's Nose Cafe.

At the cafe....

... and the rest.

My MG badge from the same distance as previous picture at the camera's full 2000mm lens.

An example of the pictures I took. I've sent them to the owners.

Another example.

... and another. Ok, I'm as bored as you, lets move on.

Queued up after the picture shoot and waiting to leave.


 I took the MG toneau cover to a furniture repair company in Barnsley to have two zips fitted where the toneau has to fold down behind the seats. It needs the zips to clear the hood frame so it will fold and stow flat. I left it with the wife who said her hubby was out but would look at it when he got back and ring me. I came home and we then took Lynne's new phone back as the screen is cracked. After a lot of hassle I make the manager phone his customer service for permission to change it as he was saying it was impact damage so he couldn't without permission. He rings them, they check me out and give him permission. He then wants to charge me £10 to transfer the data from the broken phone to the new one. I object, I've already done this (from her original to the cracked one) so why should I pay. Lynne says to just pay and let's go. I then have to explain how he does it and he says it's finished. We leave, go to Morrisons for lunch and shopping. When we get back I have to spend an hour finishing reloading apps etc. I am not happy with Carphone Warehouse. The furniture company haven't rung so I leave them a message.


Spend all day making the brackets for the handbrake callipers on the Caterham. I'm pleased with the result. I also had to make shims as the calliper is made for vented discs and mine are a lot thinner. I've made four but it may need one more. When I can get back to it I'll take them off and copy the brackets for the other side.

The furniture company ring and he's not happy about doing it. I say I'll collect it tomorrow. In the meantime I find someone in Wakefileld who will do it if I get the zips.

I'll remove them, copy and paint them then bolt both back on. Then to fit the handbrake between the seats (it's currently, if it was fitted, above the passenger''s knees. I will then measure and order two cables.


I ring round for the zips and they are on their way. Ring a headlight chap for Renaud in France to chase up the repairs to his headlamps. Not ready yet, he has had to order more parts so will be another two weeks.

We then go to Magnet and get a new kitchen designed. Return home, have lunch, go to Wakefield to get two fleece tops for the logo to be applied for the German trip in September, pick up the toneau and return to Magnet to collect the pictures of the design and the price. I won't say anything about the price, I'm still laying on the floor.

We're off the the MGCC meeting soon.


Went to Matt's for physio and got there at 0700. Matt turned up at 0730 and we had a bit of a chat and he then started to slowly murder me. OK, I know, it will enable me to move my arms. From there I went to Warwick for the races. Lynne had been picked up by Simon at 0730 and they were already there. It's hard work but someone has to do it. Entertaining clients and, even worse, prospective clients is very hard work. Before each race everyone went down to look at the horses and place bets. I couldn't be less interested so I sat in the hospitality suite. The waitress kept topping up my glass with red wine so that was good. After the races we went to the Hilton which is on the roandabout of the A46 and M40. We had dinner and then retired to the bar.


Got up at 0700, had breakfast and left at 0900. The builder is coming round at 1200 to look at a proposed extension and fitting a new kitchen. We got home at 1100, Jonathan turned up at 1200 and stayed about twenty minutes. Took me nearly all afternoon to catch up on emails. I also went to one of the kitchen places to finalise their specs.


Went to a place behind Barnsley Football ground and got new oxy-acetyline bottles. They're larger than the mini pack I had but they're OK. From there I picked up the curtains and came home. I spent the rest of the day making the brackets for the other handbrake. However, after lunch I had a sleep. That was after I had painted the brackets and hung them up to dry. Gave them another coat at about 17000 and finished at 1755. I rang for Chinese and went for a shower. Whilst showering the Chinese came so I came down in a dressing gown. I stayed like that all evening and watch TV.

Little and Large or the long and short of it.


Spent all day fitting the O/S/R handbrake. Finally finished at 1700. Paul and Tanya came and Paul filled in the holes in the fence behind the garage. I have yet to cut the carbon tunnel and fit the handbrake lever and then measure the cable lengths and get them ordered.

The arm which holds the end of the cable.

End on view of the hole for the cable.


The bit the outer cable sits up to.

Another picture of the arm. The shaped metal is a spacer for the handbrakes. They are made for vented discs so need some spacers as mine aren't vented, but narrow.

The handbrake bracket. The welding isn't pretty as I can't see close up things.

The bracket will go on the handbrake and the two cables will go into the right angle bit. Only needs two holes drilling.


We went to the hospital for my eye examination at 0845. I was quickly put through the system of eye tests and photographing the back of my eye. Then I was shown into the consultant who announced that I'd need another injection, I reminded him that I said I would and he smiled and said he did remember but it was worth the wait to see if it got any better. Having had about 12 of these injections I knew it wouldn't improve that much. Whilst I was having the injection I was telling the nurse, who always remembers me because I'm so nervous (I can have teeth filled without anisthetic but have a phobia about eyes). that I've now had about 12 injections in the left eye and it was supposed be better with 3. She just smiled and said "don't worry dear, some patients have had more than 60 injections". Oh well, that made my day.

From there Lynne drove us to the Magnet Kitchen showroom, I couldn't see much at this stage) and we finalised our new kitchen. Then on to Morrisons for lunch and shopping. When we got home I spent the rest of the day sorting final details on the kitchen and other bits and pieces.


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