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Oil Pipes on TC


I've always been concerned about the integrety of the two metal oil pipes which run from pump to filter and filter to block. The unions were soldered to the pipes over 70 years ago and the solder goes hard and fractures. This can lead to total loss of oil and oil pressure and may lead to major engine damage.


When Jerry Birckbeck's pipe fractured on his TC I decided it was time to convert to the flexible pipe modification. I ordered a flex pipe kit from the Octagon Club. I had not done so because I wanted to preserve the originality of the car but non original pipes are better than a blown engine. These are made by Roger Furneaux. When they arrived I was struck by how small the bore of the banjo bolts and the pipe were. Someone on the club facebook page had commented that they had fitted these pipes and had suffered a 40%  drop in oil pressure. At the time I responded that I couldn't see how changing to flexible hose could cause a loss of oil pressure. When I looked at the pipes it did cross my mind that maybe the pipe bore was far too small and may lead to a loss of pressure due to a reduction in flow.


I fitted them, started up and my normal 58 psi had dropped to 38 psi. I went for a little drive (to the pub for a pint!) to see if it improved as the oil got hotter and thinner. It didn't.


I have now had made new pipes with 1/4" banjo's and 3/8 bore PTFE pipes. Straight pipe for the pump to filter and corugated from filter to block so there are no kinks.


I now have 58 psi at tickover when cold although it takes a few revs to get it there from 40 at tickover. Once at 58 it stays at 58.


I rang Roger to let him know but his only comment was he's never had any complaints. I pointed him to the facebook postings.


I've spoken to Pete at the club and he will talk to Roger so I trust future pipes will be 1/4" banjo's and 3/8" pipes.


I'm sorry some of the pictures are out of focus, I had the camera on "scenery" without realising.  However, you'll get the picture (laugh)


The difference between the new banjo bolt and the original.

 The new 3/8" bore banjo


 And the bore of the one supplied by Roger Furneaux via the club.


The following are pictures of the metal pipes. My car has done just over 100,000 miles in 70 years so I guess these pipes haven't been subject to as much engine vibration as others.






Finally, the new pipes fitted and painted.




So, I guess all's well that ends well.



My everloving and I both thought the bearing noise was coming from the N/S/F. However, after taking the hub off last week and not findinging anything wrong I thought I'd check the O/S. The hub was wobbling around like dick in a shirtsleeve... New bearings and oil seal ordered. This morning I took the hub off only it wouldn't come off. I used a three leg drawer and the hub came off but left the inner race on the spindle. I got it 90% off with the drawer but then had to cut through the inner race to get it off. New bearings arrived at 1500 and were on by 1600 and a quick blast around the block and it's a different car. These bearing were purchased from Moss and have done just over 3000 miles. I think this is the last of their bearings to be replaced.

Whilst I was waiting for the delivery I adjusted the tappets and the carbs, a major job if you take the air cleaner manifold off, which I did. Worth while the clattering from the tappets has stopped, I set the at 0.018" instead of 0.019".