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The French Blatting Company

For Sale


Details of the sale of parts of La Foie can be seen at www.la-foie.co.uk







Our House and one of the old house are for sale. 

If sold direct by us there will be no agents commission.

If you need a holiday home or a permanent residence, read on.

As a retirement home these properties are ideal. As holiday homes they have the benefit of the present owners living on-site

The owners feel they have found a haven of peace at la Foie. Situated in the garden of France midway between Nantes, Angers and Rennes, La Foie is in the Loire valley in department 49, Loire et Maine. However it is on the boundary of 3 other departments, all of which are part of Brittany.

We are situated here:


The buildings are at the back of the farm, away from the little traffic that passes. It's very peaceful other than the singing of the birds and quacking of the ducks. The pace of life is very different to the UK. No hustle and bustle, no noise, it's a pleasure to shop in the new Super U supermarket where everyone is polite and no hassle if you take your time at the checkout. The farm has it's own wildlife and it's amazing to watch the moorhens and ducks raise their young. The farm cat also keeps everyone amused.


This is the aerial map of La Foie 

The local village, Noellet, has a bar and a shop. Noellet's primary school has several English children, some for part of the year and others all the time. The senior school is in the local town, Pouance, about 8 miles away. The local children have their own school bus to and from Pouance.

The area has a large British presence, with many functions organised by, and for, the ex-pats, as well as numerous French organised events. France (at least this part) has a very deep community spirit and the indigenous population make everyone feel very welcome. There is always something going on in one of the village halls.

The nearest airport is Nantes with regular Ryanair flights to East Midlands and Stansted as well as a  BA flights to Gatwick. The TGV high speed train to Paris goes through Laval about 1/2 hour away.

Arising in the morning to a clear blue sky, sitting outside for breakfast (and lunch and dinner) then drinking a good bottle of wine (about 2€ in Super U, cheaper in the cave, the French wine shops) watching the sun set is the best way to end a lazy day, But it's not over as you watch a trillion stars appear in the sky. Some of the best nights have been spent watching shooting stars and the International Space Station pass by. Spring and Autumn are mild with a short winter in-between.  

The present owners purchased the farm from friends and learnt a lot about purchasing property in France. The local Notaire (Pouance) is 100% trustworthy. In France the Notaire acts for both parties and is duty bound to look after all parties interests. Mortgages are still relatively easy to arrange and introductions to the local banks can be arranged. The present owners found the purchase very simple and hassle free.

The two houses for sale are original house (far right bottom) and the "House" (with the pig pen) . The "Big Barn" is being converted to the owners new house.

The farm is about 9 acres in total. The properties are at the rear of the non-working farm so well away from the road. The road is a rural "D" road with very little traffic. The farm is between 2 villages, each about a mile away. The nearest town is less than 10 minutes away and has a new Super U, doctors, dentists, banks and restaurants. The area is predominantly farming and is very rural and quiet. We can just see the nearest neighbours house, but only in winter when there are no leaves on the trees.

If you look at the rest of this web site you will see many more pictures of the property. The gite business is being run down and the 2 gites will be reserved for friends and family only.

The house has 3 large rooms downstairs, a kitchen, a lounge and a third room is currently used as an office. The 3rd room also has a bathroom with bath, toilet and sink as well as a plumbed in washing machine. The office can be used as a bedroom.

Upstairs is currently split 1/3rd - 2/3rd. The smaller section has a large cubicle shower, double sink unit with cupboards and a toilet. The other 2/3rds is one large room with 3 large Velux windows. This can be left as one bedroom or partition walls erected to make up to 3 bedrooms. The house needs some work (better floors upstairs and the office needs the walls re-plastering) This work can be carried out by a builder for about 4000€. It could also be carried out by anyone with normal DIY skills in about 10 days. We feel it best for the new owner to have this work carried out to their taste. However we can increase the price to include the work for mortgage purposes.

The house come with a 15 metre pig pen suitable for conversion to garages, sheds or a gite.

There is sufficient land to go with both properties, approximately 2 acres. The land available is open to discussion (no extra cost). The owners have decided to apportion the land on a first come - first serve basis.

The kitchen is 4.1 metres x 5.85 metres

The lounge is 5.85 meters x 5.85 metres

The 3rd room downstairs is 6.70 metres x 5.85 metres and incorporates a bathroom.

The upstairs bathroom is 6.70 x 5.85 and has a large shower cubicle, a double vanity unit and a toilet.

The large room upstairs (with the 3 Velux windows) is 11 metres x 5,85. This can be left as 1 bedroom, or partitioned into 2 or 3.

The outside dimensions are 18.9 meters x 7.2 metres.


The barn is 24 meters long and will require a full conversion. The roof space is large enough to convert into fair sized rooms. We understand the barn pre-dates Napoleon. Huge oak beams are a feature. Two thirds of the roof are new and the centre third is in good condition (see photo). The barn can be turned into a stunning pond-side house with about an acre and a half of garden and wood.

The present owners live on the farm and will continue to so do. They are moving into another barn which is being converted into a house. They are a 60 year old retired couple. 

In case you're wondering, a "blat" is a drive in a sports car (or bike) for no other reason than to derive pleasure from driving.




The house has been valued at 160,000€ and the barn at 90,000€


They are offered for sale at 140,000€ for the house

and 80,000€ for the barn.


We already have interested parties making appointments to view so please contact early. The owners are willing to pick interested parties up from Nantes airport which has Ryanair flights from Stansted and East Midlands as well as a BA flight from Gatwick.. 


Phone:             0033 (0)2 41 94 35 52

Email: norman@FrenchBlat.com

The address is: La Foie, 49520, Noellet, Maine et Loire, France





THE HOUSE. 140,000€

This is the front of the house The barn in the background will be our new house. We will be living at the far end.

The lounge.


The view of the pond through the lounge window


The kitchen





The Barn 80,000€

The original house


 The land behind includes a small wood and a stream with several small ponds. The trees in the background are part of the property