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The French Blatting Company

1949 MG TC

July 2015


1st July 2015

Forgot to mention that on 29th I told about how I couldn't find the new shackle pin for the rear spring. I then used the old one which was in the old spring. Well, next morning I started work and with a few minutes found the new pin on the floor. I have no idea how I didn't find it the evening before.

Went for physio this morning, came back and sorted the long overdue parts order out. It hasn't been sent yet! Then went off to Atoll near Anger for lunch and then to the hospital. Two young doctors examined me from head to foot and asked lots of questions. Then said I should stay in overnight so they could do tests in the morning. I explained that was OK but Lynne had to stay as well as I wouldn't leave her on her own. They hummed and harred and said thay would have to ask. Then the lady doctor came back and said we could go home and come back to a day room for the tests in 3 or 4 weeks. I said I'd rather stay and get something done as it's now 7 months since I'd first seen the doctor at the hospital and nothing had happened since then. She then said she'd have to check if the echographe (ultra sound) would be available. Came back and said it wouldn't so we'll have to wait for a day room in two or three weeks. However she did say that she would make sure Professor Rohmer would be present. I think it's his fault nothing's happened for seven months.

2nd July 2015

Ever have the feeling you should have stayed in bed today. After a totally wasted day yesterday at the hospital (they rang today with an date for me to go in for the day, Lynne's no good with dates so they are confirming it in writing). Then stayed up to watch our girls in the semi-final. So disappointed, they were the best team by far. Their tactics had the Japanese on the ropes. It could easily have been 3 or 4 -1 at full time, they hit the woodwork 2 or 3 times and had narrow misses a few times. Hope they pick themselves up and start training for the next world cup. Went to bed at 0300. It rained heavily all night and we then had a very loud thunder storm right above us at 0830. As usual, when it rains hard our main trip went and we had no electricity. This is a regular feature. EDF think the underground cables have been chewed by mice and when they get wet it caused the trip to go.

Then, Mike our friends in the gites rings to say Sheila has had a fit and fallen out of bed and he needs an ambulance, Ring the pompes and they arrive about 5 minutes later followed by a nurse. They get her sorted out a bit, she was panicking and Lynne knows how to deal with that situation and talked her down. The medic was amazed because as Lynne was dealing with her, he was watching her blood pressure reduce. So off they go to hospital with me following with Mike. After half hour they call him in to be with her. At 1230 he rings me to say she's much better and they are going to do a scan and other tests and that I should go and he'll ring me when he can come back. I go home and have lunch. Then I have to sort out why the gites have no power. The trip is now reset and we have power in the house and garage. After prodding things with my meter I decide that the cable that runs from one of the phases (we have three phase supply) in the workshop, underground to the gites has a break in it. So of to Brico and 89€ later return with 50 meters of 2.5 mm cable. Run from the junction in the workshop, across the field to the junction box outside the gites. Hey presto we have lift off. So, that may well have been the cause of the trip tripping when it rains. The mice have now bit right through the cable. I've asked a friend to get me someone to dig a channel to bury the cable.

Mike rings about 1800. They are letting him stay the night. Sheila has a fractured vertebrae from the fall and other than that is now OK. She will not be able to be driven home so they will have to fly and Mike will come back for the car. Now, I never knew fractured vertebrae were contagious!

Lynne was really stressed after a day like this. She has gone to Tia Chi and as it's the last night before the summer break, they are all taking a bottle of something for a little party. I'm going to get fish and chips. Only problem is that when I get to the chippy it's closed. So, I'm waiting for her to return and we'll go to Joel and Claude’s for dinner.

Whilst all this is going on I have determined my parts supplier has not sent the parts that he should have dispatched at the end of May. He blames Moss for not sending it but they are adamant they do not send dealers parts to customers, only to the dealer. They will dispatch the stuff tomorrow to him. I've emailed him demanding he gets it here by next Wednesday. I think I made a mistake choosing this supplier. I'll not name him now but will by the end of the build. I've also got the price from Gliptone for the leather refurb kits (TC and Mini). It's been like extracting teeth but I've given them a card number and it will be dispatched tomorrow.

See, I said I should have stayed in bed.

3rd July 2015

Picked Mike up from the hospital at 0830. Sheila's OK, in pain but OK. I'm now going to start on the car. It was over 36 c today and very humid after the heavy rain yesterday. I had to remove the rear shackle bracket as one of the thin centre bolts hadn't gone through the hole and had bent into an S. Moss only do this bolt with the plate at £35. So I made one from a long bolt by cutting it to the correct length and cutting a thread each end. Cost zero plus0 minutes time. I now know how to get these brackets on so it only took 3/4 hour to refit. I have two long bolts which fit in diagonal holes of the plate. Tighten these evenly whilst guiding the thin centre studs into their holes. Then fit the correct bolts into the other two holes, tighten and then remove the long bolts and, aligning the plate with a few taps whilst the spring leaves are clamped to stop them sliding when you tap the plate, refit the other two correct bolts. Tighten evenly then put the lock nuts on and tighten them against the first nut.

I then had to drill out the seized and sheared off split pins from both rear shackle pins. Put the nuts back on, tighten and align the holes with the castellated nut and fit new split pins. Finally fit the 4 1/4 BSF nuts to the thin centre studs. Time for lunch. I was so exhausted with the heat I had lunch and fell asleep until 1500. 

After lunch I ran a die down 5 bolts to fit the new N/S shock absorber bracket. I had to drill the chassis plate where a rivet had been left in the hole. When all 5 bolts were in and tightened I cut the extra length of the bolts off to make it look neater.

Then fitted the O/s Shock absorber and went to fit the N/s when I realised the arm was on the wrong way. That was enough for me, I was soaked in sweat, exhausted and needed a shower because I could smell myself and it wasn't nice. 

We're out tomorrow so I'll get the shock absorber on on Sunday. Then, if it's not too hot outside I'll get the body irons off the tub to be sent to the chap making the new tub, Then , to get the body stripped to bare metal. I need to get these jobs done so the body tub will be ready for the first week in September and the body can painted before August. Remember, that France closes in August when everyone goes on holiday. I can get the body and paint to them for about 20th July so I don't expect it finished by the time they close down. They can't finish it until I get them the new tub anyway but there is a lot of panels they can paint before then.

Two long bolts to pull the spring to the axle. It won't be so difficult if the rebound pads under the axle are removed.

The correct bolts, with lock nuts fitted.

The G clamp holding the three lower spring leaves in position as the bottom plate is tapped into position.



The new shock absorber plate bolted on and the long bolt ends cut off. I'll get a file on the ends to neaten it up when it cools down.

The near side rear shock absorber bolted on. The lower link needs a rubber inserted but I have a better idea which I'll do and then show later.

The rear pins with a split pin. I had to drill the old ones out which had been sheared off flush and were rusted in.

4th July 2015

We went to Rennes farmers market. Fantastic! Every type of fresh fruit and vegetable for sale on the stalls. The fish stalls had crab, lobster, oysters, muscles and prawns as well as fresh wet fish. For me it was heaven. Only problem was it was so hot anything we bought would have gone off by the time we got home. We will go again in a few weeks time and take a cool box with us so I can get lots of seafood and fruit.

We had a nice lunch and then walked about for a while. Found a nice jewellery shop so bought Lynne a belated present of a pair of coral earrings

We stopped for a beer (a full pint-it's a tourist place). Then on the metro to Italien where I thought there were shops. There were but not the sort we were looking for. Lynne went into a chemist and got some water spray and hand cream to take to Sheila. We went to the hospital to see her. She's in a bit of pain but other than that she's fine. I think they'll let her go home by Wednesday. Mike has to let the insurance company know and they will arrange flights and a nurse to accompany her.

I really feel for Sheila, having suffered the pain that fractured vertebrae brings. However, no one encased me in a body brace, fed me morphine and stopped me from walking and driving. I was given paracetamol and left to it. In fact I found driving the Mini to be the least painful position for my back. It was lying in bed that was so painful I was waking up screaming in pain.

New earings. Nice aren't they? Lovely lady wearing them makes them look all the better.

5th July 2015

Plan was to get the body irons off the tub so I can clean and paint them and ship them to the chap making the new tub. It's dull, chilly and raining! As the tub is outside I cannot get on with it. I took a couple of pictures to supplement the "how to" topics. Then removed the shock absorber I fitted upside down on Friday night - just shows how hot and tired I was. Fitted the other shock absorber and painted all the new fittings. Just uploaded and added the two pictures to their subjects and now typing this. The forecast is for it to be nice this afternoon so I'll leave the body irons until then.

Got one side irons off and went inside for a drink. Watched Hamilton put another brick in his 3rd world championship then Lynne helped me get the other side off. She held the tub as I cut and chiselled the screws holding the irons on.  Started sandblasting but too much rust on them to get them clean. Wire brushed them and then treated them with a phosphate rust remover. I'll sand blast the worse parts in the morning, give them two coats of paint then wrap and post them.

The shock absorber fitted the correct way up.

Both fitted. The links need to be fitted. I'm going to do that in about a week when new parts arrive.


Body irons. I have treated them with a phosphate rust treatment. I'll sandblast the bad bits and then paint with POR-15.

The tub, upside down, so this is the N/S

The inside rear. The metal part is the side scrren box. I have a new one coming, hopefully by Wednesday.

The worst part, the O/S. I have new quarter panels coming, these are beyond repair. I also have new inner rear wings.

The rear. The wood is rotten. The ply is delaminating. The rust at the top is the bottom of the sidescreen box.


6th July 2015

Started by stringing up all the body irons and applying thick layers of POR-15 paint. Got it everywhere, on my hands, face, in my hair. Lynne will have to snip a bit of hair off to get it out.

Then went in, answered emails and had a coffee. By this time it was 1230 so we had lunch and at 1400 we both went out to label all the chrome bits with instructions in French. I also put masking tape on the sides that aren't to be chromed. Took a lot longer than I thought it would. In the middle of labelling the chrome a parcel arrives from Moss. I have another coming from the dealer but until it gets here I have no idea what I haven't got. At about 1645 I started applying rust remover to one front wing. I removed the wing mirror which sheared the thread housing so I had to remove the split pin. I came in at 1715. I'm going out at 2100 to apply the second coat of paint to the irons, it's too hot now.

The irons hanging up to dry.

The chrome, all labelled and ready to go. The stuff in the bags is the new bits. I only got them out to check with the Moss book that I have all the chrome bits I need. Bet I'll need more!

The panels that arrived. One 1/4 panel, the sidescreen box and the dash under tray. Also the two floorboards.


7th July 2015

Started by tidying up then tried to get one of the two pins that hold the gear lever in place out. Neither would move. In the end I decided to leave the gear lever in and not get it re-chromed. Then opened one of the two tins of paint stripper and brushed it into one of the front wings. At this point UPS arrive with the parts I've been waiting for. They were supposed to be on the way on 26th May but the supplier had not sent them. He is impossible to contact, never returns calls, never answers emails. When I do get him he has a reason, like one week he wasn't answering the phone because he was finishing a renovation that was wanted for the weekend. He actually told me he got so many junk emails he never bothered to check any emails.. I'm now a month behind with the projected painting of the body. I've given up with him and today spent 2 hours working out what was outstanding and ordered it direct from Moss. They are out of stock of one of the1/4 panels and one of the inner rear wings. I got the impression that had the stuff been ordered in May they had stock. The supplier had got Moss Bradford to send me some of it direct and the box has parts that he must want, like an MGB dash, a corner piece of the dash and three smaller parts. I've sent him emails but, as usual, no answer.

After lunch I washed the second wing and treated it to paint stripper. Then packed the body irons in a box, which was a very difficult job as we had to fold a very large box to pack it in. Took over an hour, but did it in the end, with the help of Lynne who worked like a Trojan. Bless her, what would I do without her. I then started scraping the paint off. A lot just scraped off but it will need two or three coats of paint stripper. I scraped then used a stiff nylon rotary brush in a drill and wet and dry in a sanding machine. It will get it all off but it'll have to wait until Thursday now. I have to get the chrome to the platers Thursday morning so I'll only get a half day on it. No rush now, as they can't do the painting until the wings arrive and that will not be until mid-August. France shuts down during August so they probably won't start until September. I'll do small areas and then move on to the next small area.

I'm really tired. As you may know I have five fractured vertebrae and the doctor at the hospital has messed up. I had a lot of blood and urine tests along with MRI scan in January. Took him 4 months to inform my doctor that I have a hormone which has high levels. This hormone should be between 4 and 18 and it was 179. It was suggested that a pain killer I took at night was stopped and 10 days later another blood test be taken to see if the hormone had gone down. It went up! My doctor wrote back and we haven't heard anything more. A week or so ago he phoned the hospital and spoke to a secretary. I got a call next day with a date to come in and maybe stay overnight, or two. We went and the doctors (there were two) kept asking why I wasn't on medication. Eventually they realised that my case had been "dropped", another date will be made (now made) and I will go back in for a day. High levels of this hormone will cause osteoporosis, poor eyesight and a few other problems, like growing breasts. I now have a really nice pair of tits but can’t see anything!

I'm not too bad if I can work sitting down which is normally OK. But today I was up and down and on my feet all day. This has left me exhausted.

I then had to complete the authorisation to create an account with UPS, what a nightmare. Then completed the form for sending the parcel with the body irons from here to Lancashire. Another nightmare. Every time I made a mistake it wiped it all out and I had to start again. It asked questions with no explanation what they meant so I got one or two wrong.  I had to take my bathroom scales to the workshop to weigh it and measure it. Eventually completed the form and was given the shipping price. I screamed. I can buy new irons from the chap doing the tub for less. They want £360! I phoned the chap and asked him how quickly he needed it and told him the price. He said it wasn't urgent and gave me another carrier. I looked up their web site and they only want £160. ONLY! I have a cunning plan......


The wing before treatment.


The whole wing.

Wing with paint remover applied

After scraping, brushing and wet and dry. Really pleaesed as I was dreading it would take ages,

The tools in use. The scraper handle can just be seen on the right of the bucket.

My wonderful wife with her parcel.

Remember these. The first came off easily, the shaft broke and it just fell off. The second was a lot harder because even though the shaft broke it wouldn't come apart.


I am having a dispute with a chap on the Land Rover France site who claims that Land Rover will issue a letter of Conformity for a 1977 Land Rover Series 3. He thinks you can import any car you like and don't need this but claims that France issue a letter of conformity (they do, it's the same thing). The LoC started in1996 to ensure manufacturers were selling cars in Europe that met the EU regulations. The LoC is a copy of the type approval. The type approval was ratified as beieng a legal requirement in 1996. He wants a 1000€ bet on this and I'm tempted.

8th July 2015

Day out at St Nazaire. Had a late start as I was held up trying to arrange a parcel to the UK. Went to a resaurant we've been to before. The man was under stress and just said he was full even though there were several tables empty. So we walked back to the car and went to a small place further back on the sea front. Great meal, oysters followed by St Jaques and cheese to follow. Lynne had a plate of prawns, a shoulder of lamb which was like butter followed by an apple crumble. All washed down with a nice Chardonay. We then walked along the front which was great, not very hot, a nice sea breeze, in short-perfect. After an hour or so walking and sitting we reached our goal, the ice cream parlour... picures speak louder than words.


9th July 2015

I got up at 073 but could have easily gone back to sleep having been awake from 0315 to 0530. I put the DHL labels in a plastic sleeve and taped them to the parcel. Then had breakfast. Got Camille's Porsche into a space by the side of the garage, jacked it up and got one wheel off. The "chrome" is peeling off the wheel. I said i didn't think it was chrome so I asked on one of the Porsche Forums. It's Mylar, a plastic and cannot be re-applied. I'll take one wheel to the chrome platers tomorrow to see if they will chrome them.  I then started work on stripping paint fron wings. Kept re-applying paint stripper and scraping the softened paint off. During Lunch UPS delivered the Moss parts ordered on Tuesday and after lunch DHL came for the body irons to go to Lancashire (chap building new ash frame). They also had my leather repair kits, one for the MG and the other for the Mini.

I have coated the fuel tank with rust remover and flushed it with water. I've left the phosphate on it and will do the interior treatmnet when the exterior has been de-rusted.

Off tomorrow morning to get the tyre off the Porsche wheel and take it and my chrome to the platers.

Wings. Luckily they don't fly.

And close ups. Not too bad.


10th July 2015

Not much to report today. I want to get the re-chroming started. I have an address and phone number in Sable sur Sarthe, about half way to Le Mnas. I phoned them yesterday and it turns out they are a garage, not a chroming factory. I also have a place in Avrille, near Angers. My friend, Camille has a Porsche 996 with chrome wheels but the chrome is peeling off. I don't think it's real chrome so post the question on a Porsche forum. It's a plastic coating called Mylmar and it cannot be re-applied. So, I take one wheel to the local tyre place to get the tyre off the rim and set off to Avrille by way of the Citroen garage who will paint the TC. They are fantsatic. They phone the place in Avrille and find they only do industrial plating, it's not shiny. They then spend best part of a half hour ringing and searching and find a place in Rennes who will do it all and will look at the Porsch rim to see if they can chrome them. I'm booked in to vist Monday morning.

I'll carry on stripping paint over the weekend, Rennes Monday morning and then Tusday is, what we call Bastille Day, but the French don't and we're at a race meeting in Sennone. Then on Thursday Lynne has a hospital appointment. So not much will be done next week.

11th July 2015

Spent all day removing the paint from the inside of the front wings. Apply the paint remover, leave for half hour then scrape... and scrape... and scrape. Then scrape and wash the old paint way and rub the hell out of the wing with wet and dry. I came in about 1830, so exhausted I didn't have strength to walk back to get the camera so pictures in the morning.

Tomorrow we're going to the local supermarket to see a classic car show in the car park. My freind from Nantes with his TC and me in the Caterham. Lynne will go in her own car! On Monday morning I'm taking the chrome and one of the Porsche wheels to Rennes to a chroming company. On the way back I'll go into Casterama and get some sanding disks for the angle grinder and rub the wings down the easy way.

OK, good night sleep and here are the pictures. Fascinating aren't they....

Camilles Porsche wheel strapped on ready to go to the chroming company.

An inner wing being scrapped.

A wing, having been scraped is now treated with a phospate rust remover.

Close up showing how the paint blisters with the paint remover.


12th July 2015

 Renaud, my new friend, with his TC came over at 1100 and we went to the local classic car show in Pouance. Me in the Caterham and him in the TC. Then back for lunch and spent the afternoon doing bits and pieces to his car. I've got a few pictures of the interesting cars at the rally which I'll post tomorrow, watching TV now after a hectic evening sorting out gites for next year Le Mans. Phew!


So, some of the interesting cars at the rally. Interesting to me. There were over 150 cars and vans there.

Deux Chevaux or as we say, two CV's

The rally ID board.

Deux Chevaux's from the other side.

Fot a moment I thought this chap would turn around and be Isenhower. There were several Wyllis Jeeps with the occupants dressed as US soldiers of WWII

A rare Panhard.

Citroen Camion. Not sure the paint is original but it is in good condition.

Not sure what this is but it may be pre WWII.

Fantastic car. A Citroen DS decapottable. (soft top) A Henry Chapon bodied Decapottable fetched over £360,000 at Retromobile a few years ago.

A Renault Alpine. I was a REnault dealer in NW London when Renault dropped teh "Alpine" name and called them Renault. Sales went from 400 a year to 3.

Ciroen Traction Avant (front wheel drive),

A Renault 4 CV. An Ami 6 next to it.

An old bike. No idea what it is but it looked good.

Triumph Tiger 100, see I can read.

Another Citroen van. The paint was metallic Silver, definately not original.

Another Renault 4 CV, Thay had weird ideas about colours in the 1950s.

There had to be an MGB. Next to a Jeep.

Daimler Dart but called SP250 because Dodge complained they had used the name "Dart"

The rear of one of the Traction Avant.

Renaud's TC. The badge on the left hand corner of the dash is a University Motors Plaque. I was fitting them when I started work there in 1961. I have one for my car.

An Amilcar. Great small sports racer.

That's it.


13th July 2015

Left at 0830 in the Caterham, with a Porsche wheel rim tied to the roll bar and the passenger area full of MG bits for chroming. Destination a place called Rheu., near Rennes, on the Vannes road. Got there at 0930 and they were closed. I'm guessing they have taken an extra days holiday to make a 4 day break as tomorrow is a bank holiday. On the way back I stopped at Casterama and bought an orbital sander and 4 packs of discs. When I arrived back I fell asleep until 1300. Had lunch and started sanding the wing.

Me sanding down the wing.

Compare this with the pictures above.

Close up. Spent about 4 hours on this. Will need another few hours to get it all off. I'll get some coarser discs for the thick areas.

14th July 2015

Went to the horse races ar Sennone, about 20 minutes away. Had a nice lunch and sat in the sunshine all afternoon with people coming up for a chat. We left at 1900 and went to Segre for an italian meal. and then watched the fireworks. Only a slight problem, there was a building in the way.

Lynne watching the "cowboy" doing his trick riding. Did cowboys do this sort of think? I doubt it.

15th July 2015

Went to the physio for my shoulder at 0915. Left at 1000. Posted a package to the UK, collect some pills from the chemist, went to Super U for an ink cartrifdge. The price of which made me feel faint. Got home and took the oil pipe off the Seven to re-solder the joint which is leaking. Put it back, still leaking, resolder and put it back, still leaking. Took the joint apart and cleaned it, put it back and it still leaked. Coated it in epoxy resin. Had lunch and felt so tired that Lynne drove me to Rennes to take the MG parts for chroming along with one of Camille's wheels. Spent 2 hours there mainly because everyone who came in was dealt with whilst my stuff was spread all over the counter. He cannot chrome the Porsche wheels but can polish them. But only the outside, not the inner rim. We left at 1600 and went to Ikea which isn't far from where we were. Bought a new office chair for 49€ Mine won't go up anymore and the new one goes to 60cm seat height. I need to sit above a keyboard when I type so this may help. Got home at 1900, just in time for Lynne to make supper.

Tomorrow we're off the the hospital with Lynne for the results of her memory tests. In the afternoon I'll get the other three wheels off the Porsche and round to the tyre place to have the tyres removed. Friday I have a doctors appontment, then off to Angers to pick up more paint remover. Saturday I'm taking the other three wheels for polishing.

A wheel that the chrome place has polished.

The edge of the Porsche wheel given a quick polish to show us just how good it is.

And from the side. I'll try painting the inner rims with chrome effect paint, if that's no good it'll have to be black.

16th July 2015

 Got the wheels of the Porsche before 1000. Went to the hospital with Lynne and theyt are very pleased that they found a brain. They changed her medication and she's happy. Well I think she was smiling but it may have been wind. Had lunch in the cafe at the big supermarket in Chateaubriant got some stuff at the Brico Marche next door and came home. Jumped into the Land Rover, took the 3 wheels to the tyre depot and then helped Lynne with the shopping. The temperature got to 37c in the shade, it's still sweltering in the house.

17th July 2015

 Doctors at 1000, get in to see him at 1115. Get home at 1230, too late to go to Avrille for the 4 tins of paint remover. So, phone Julian and tell him I'll be there for 1400. Lynne goes into to kitchen to make lunch, I follow and suggets we go to Attol and have a chinese. You've never seen a fridge closed so quickly. Have a nice Chinese, pop over the road to Avrille and get the 4 tins of paint remover. Then pick up the 3 wheels from the tyre depot (they're keeping the tyres to refit when I return the polished wheels.) We get home to find we have two notifications of deliveries at the post office. That makes 3 with the one from yesterday. I build my new office chair and I'm sitting on it typing this. Better than the old one which wouldn't rise high enough. I'm now going to the post office to collect all this post. Got the Cocci mini market and they said they didn't have my stuff and to go over the road to the post office. They took me in and searched around and told me it was in the Cocci.... tomorrow. Piss up and brewery come to mind.

18th July 2015

Set off at 0900 and picked up Camille. We went to Rennes to take his other 3 wheels for polishing. Got there but it's closed. I was furious. Then, at 1100 a car drives up and it's a chap who has a 1115 rendez-vouz with the owner. He drives up shortly after. We take the 3 whhesl in and then the converstaion starts. I now have the two world champion talkers for France. They talk for an hour and half about wheels. We leave and run into a huge traffic jam so don't get back until 1415.

The first wheel I took. It has been scurged down to bare aluminium. The price per wheel has now gone from 240€ to 450€> not much choice with the wheel like this.

My radiator shell. It's a light bronze colour.

The said they wouldn't repair the holes at the bottom corners but they have. They've also tapped the nose area smooth.

And finally, 4 wheels.

19th July 2015

Did nothing today but slept most of the time. We went out with our guests in the evening and I had a few drinks. Should be OK for the blood tests in the hospital in the morning.


How about that for a desert!

20th July 2015

 Hospital at 0830. Had blood pressure checkes, then sats and temperature. 10 viles of blood taken. Off to x-ray and lost count how many they took. Then I had a thorough examination from a junior doctor. She will report that she thinks I should have treatment to reduce the level of the hormone, which she thinks is causing the problem. We were allowed to leave cat 1200 so went to Atoll for lunch. On the way home we called into the bodyshop and arranged to drop the panels and paint off on Wednesday. Not all the panels, only those ready for painting.

21st July 2015


Using my trusty Dremel to clean the inner front wing.

22nd July 2015

I've not done any work today. Had to go for a blood test this morning and take 24 hours of pee in. Then fell asleep and after lunch took the two new panels I have with the one wing that's stripped to bare metal along with the wing stays and lamp brackets to the bodyshop. Oh, and the paint and thinners. Then across country to Angers Casterama to get more sanding disks and flapper wheels for the Dremel. On the way home took my credit card into the bank as it's stopped working. They agree and new one will be available for collection next week.

23rd July 2015

Today I will try and get the other wing down to bare metal. Started at 0900 and finished getting the other front wing to bare metal. Then after lunch started on the bonnet. Got two sides down to bare metal, so 1/4 there. The bonnet is much easier than the wing, the paint just scraped off after being coated in paint remover for a few minutes. It was scorching hot outside today and whilst it was nice sitting in the hot sun it was very tiring. But I worked all day and even did an hour after dinner.

The bonnet with one side tied to the old frame to stop it falling shut.

The inside flap which has been scurfed to bare metal.

A close up of the outside. The louvres were really difficult so I'm calling into Casterama tomorrow to see what attachement for the Dremel will help the other side.

Front wing all loaded on the 7 ready for its trip to the bodyshop in the morning. I'll leave early and when I get back we're off to Bretagne for the Jazz festival. It's near Quimper at a place called Chatenuef-du-Faou. We're booked into the Hotel Cornwall, (spelt the French way-Cornouailles). Plan to leave at 1100 and I'll stop at Rennes Casterama for more flapper wheels and something to get into the louvres.

24th July 2015

 At the jazz concert.

25th July 2015

 At the Jazz concert

26th July 2015

At the jazz concert, normal service resumed tomorrow. Due to inclement weather, it was pissing down, we left after breakfast and got to Chateaubriant at 1215 for lunch. When we arrived home Lynne goes to the boot to get the case out and realises she has left it at the hotel.  So we'll be going back on Tuesday to get it. I have Jean-Marie and his friend coming tomorrow to see the MG.

The reception for the MG Owners Club members.

A happy person.

The diner on the Friday night with a jazz band giving it their all.

On the Saturday we all drove to this forgemaster's complex for lunch. A few Triumphs but mainly MG's

She's still happy, must take her out more.

Happy but a bit scary.

The feeding frenzy at the forgemasters. Nice simple maeal but not enough places for the amount of people. Those that went with the MG Club D'France had already paid and had places, those that paid on the day had to fight for them!

Two western style musicians at the lunch. They were good and English. It's a twelve sring Ukelele, gingers playing.

The view from our bedroom window. Nice church. Our room had no number, it had a sign on the door "Privee" and the key said 30, but there were only 29 rooms.

The jazz band on the Saturday night. We were sat next to 4 English people who were not in any car club, just liked jazz. The meal was a piece of chicken with Paella and muscles. The women next to me looked at in horror then moved every muscle to the edge of the plate one at a time. The next operation was to remove the skin from the chicken which must have taken 2 minutes. Then she cut a piece of chicken and put it on her fork. It was no bigger than a peice of sweetcorn. This went on for the whole time it took her to nibble through the meal. It's the sort of thing that ends up in films, if a film director had seen it, nearly as good as the cafe scene in "When Harry met Sally", well almost.

The jazz singer. She was good but one song was not for here. Can't remember now what it was but she murdered it by drowning.


I must tell the tale of a group from the West Midlands MGOC who had arrived in a variety of cars, an E type, an MGB RV8 and, I think an XJS. They asked me what car I had and I showed them pictures of the TC. They didn't know what it was and none of them had heard of University Motors. I mean UM to MG is like Royce to Rolls. Nice enough folk but not MG people. 

27th July 2015

Jean-Marie, our friend from The Tours area and his boss, Jacques came todya to look at the MG. We had a nice lunch and spent the afternoon looking at the MG and the Caterham. They left at 1700 whereaupon I went to sleep until 1900.

28th July 2015

We left at 0900 for Finistere, Chateau du Foau to be exact, to collect our case which a certain person called lynne left behind on Sunday. Took 3 hours to get there, had a great lunch, I had 12 oysters, Lynne had crab with mayonaise. Then we had Dover Sole (me) and Sandre in white butter sauce. We skipped the desert. It was great. Took a bit longer to get back due to heavy rain. We went into the chrome place to see if anything was ready. NO, but will be Thursday morning. We then stopped at InterMarche and bought a paddling pool for Pinky and Perky the two ducks. The pond is dry. I hope we don't have a fox attack as they can't protect themselves by staying in the pond. Whilst we were driving along we got a call from the hospital. I have an eye examination for Thursday at 1345. So pick up the stuff from Rennes in the morning, drop wheels off at tyre place and then a quick lunch and off to Angers,

29th July 2015

I'm getting the rest of the paint off the bonnet. Slow but should be there by tonight. Faild again. Spent all day scraping, rubbing and sand blasting the bonnet panels and still have two more sides to do.


You can see why I'm losing. But only two sides to go and the final clean.

The rust marks are quite bad.

Some of the tools used. Took 30 minutes to get out and 30 minutes to put away.

Some more tools and Dremel stuff.

30th July 2015

0800 sees me on the road to Rennes to collect the chrome bits and Camille's wheels. Get back at 1030 having dropped the rims off at the tyre depot. We then leave for Angers and have lunch at Attol then to the hospital. Spend 2 hours having test after test only to be told I have nothing wrong so go back to my optician, We call into the bank on the way back to collect my new bank card. Get home and fall asleep for two hours. I hope to finish the bonnet tomorrow.

31st July 2015

 Started at 0900 and got all the tools out. See how many in the pictures below. Then started scraping, whizzing and generally getting down to metal. Stopped at 1200 and had lunch. Then worked another hour whilst listening to the cricket. Stopped at 1500 and got showered and dressed and went to collect the Porsche wheels. Got back and sat outside listenening to the last few overs and England won with a day and a half to spare. Well done lads.


The Porsche, covered and wheel less.


The following is the sequence of me bringing the tools out......




There you go! Ready to start work.

The chromed bits. They are good.

The radiator. Lay on your side as I can't be bothered to turn the picture round.

Todays work, the inside of the bonnet. Tha last 6 louvres need doing.....

...... see what I mean.

The good, well better, ones.



OK, folks, you can now move to August. Won't be much done this month as our daughter is here next week then my son and his tribe will be here two weeks later.



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