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During January a friend asked me if I could fit a new clutch to his VW Transporter. I did so and the 6 hour job only took me 3 days. Such are the pleasures of getting old. When it was done he gave me a camera he's got for Christmas. As you may know I used to be an amateur photographer when cameras were real, with 35mm film and manual settings. I haven't bothered too much since I got a DSLR. 

However, the camera is a Sony Compact HX50. It is near the top of the range for a compact. Main spec is 20 megapixel, optical zoom (35mm equivalent) from 24 mm to 720 then digital zoom is a further 120 x at full Mp. Don't bother with the gobbedly-gook it a very long lens in old money!

See the camera HERE

So here's a few pictures to show what it can do. I have lots more to learn with regard how to work it so these are taken in auto mode.


So, here's some examples.


At wide angle 24mm

At maximum optical zoom 30x which is same as 720mm on a 35 mm camera

At maximum optical zoom plus maximum digital zoom.


These photos were taken indoors on a dull day with no flash. Impressed? I am, who used to carry a huge camera bag full of bodies and lenses.


So as you're aware of the stuff I used to carry around.....

The DSLR with the 18-55 mm lens.

and with a 75-300mm lens

and, finally, with the  170-500mm lens. (in 35mm lens lengths 500mm on a DSLR is about 300 mm on a 35mm camera). 


Comparison. The DSLR next to the compact. The DSLR has the smallest lens, the 18-55 mm. The compact lens is set to wide angle, so equivilent to 24 mm. Apologies for the quality of the picture it was taken with a cheap Vivitar compact.


The camera also has a panoramic option where you take a photo and pan round, left to right, and it stiches all of the frames together. Here's an example: