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Life at La Foie

Each year during May we visit the animals in Sheffield. This is what we got up to this year (2014)


I made a bracket to bring the "chrono" pack nearer so I could see the dials. This was before leaving for the UK.


This is the bracket.


This is it, installed from the top. It has helped but still cannot see all the dial.


Lynne, fast asleep on the ferry on the way there.


And smile...


On the bank holiday Monday I got the wheels refurbished. I had phoned a chap who was mobile and he turned up in his van. First thing was he was terrified of Mini locking wheel nuts. I undid them. Then I asked if he had the Matt black paint I asked for. "No, it's mine, who's Matt?" Last gem was when he finished. He left all 4 wheels lose, 3 were tight enough not to come off but the fourth had the nuts on a couple of threads. Luckily I realised as I drove it away, so stopped and tightened them. He also didn't remove the wheel balance weights so there are white marks where they were. I did ask if he was taking the tyres off could he refit the new ones but he didn't take them off so didn't. New tyres and rebalance was done following morning. He was the cheapest I could find. I paid ?40 a wheel and got a ?40 per wheel job. 

I made a new bracket and this is it installed. I need to cover it in grey gaffa tape to match. It also needs a slight twist as one side is further away than the other. However, I can see all the dial except the electronic read out at the bottom. This is fine as it's the top bit that's important.


Smiley whilst in Ben & Jerry's, Meadowhall, Sheffield. Not sure what there is to smile about, the food was terrible!


Our grandson, now 7, (8 in August). He would eat at Ben & Jerry's every day if he could. And he would have Pizza.

He looks thoughtful, probably thinking how much ice cream he can scoff down next


I have to send this watch back for regulating. I want the bracelet tightened so used this method of measuring. Hope they can see how much needs taking out.


These annual trips find me ordering stuff for weeks, months even, before we go. It is all delivered to the office and I stuff it in the car for the trip back. This was the boot. Apart from 4 large carrier bags of books there is a lot of garage stuff as well as bits and pieces for the house.


This year I smashed the side window of the Honda Civic Type R when a stone was thrown up from the blade of the big grass cutter as I went over the gravel. So, where do you put a side window? In a hammock tied between the brag handles. It's inside the cardboard. Worked a treat, so good that I nearly forgot it was there.


This is the back seat. Under the two sports bags and the three carrier bags (more books) there ius an air rifle, under that is 80 bottles of beer.

80 bottles of beer. And a lonley bottle of water!