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The French Blatting Company

The Buildings


This is the front of the Long Barn...

... and will be converted during the winter of 2005/6 into the 2 gites situated at the left of the building. This was completed. The double doors will be the garage and the right hand side (the wall is between the right hand double door and the loft door) will be our new house. The "lean to" on the right will be the kitchen.

The drive from the road.

 In the distance is the gable end of the original house

.The rear of Our House and the long barn.

The Small Barn, Pig Pen, rear of Our House. edge of Long Barn


The Small Barn. Which is now the workshop. 

The Pig Pen with the gable end of the Original House.

The slate wall has been removed and will go down as the floor in the barn conversions dining room.

The Original House.

The right hand part of the building is the house which pre-dates Napoleon and is estimated to be about 270 years old. Moving to the left are two barns which have been further divided. The whole building can be converted into a large family house.

The pond.

This is by the Original House. As it has rained less than 6 times this year (2005) and the area is suffering from a drought, the pond is, as at the end of October, bone dry. However the ducks are still there. Richard is giving about 30 of them away leaving us with the remaining 20.

The only thing that's dry around here - the pond!

So, due to a lack of rain and extensive sunshine during 2005 (good for us) this picture shows the pond with no water and very dried out (bad for ducks). We hope that we get some rain during the winter to refill it.

And finally, a picture of the front of Our House looking towards the Long Barn

We hope you've now got an idea of the layout of La Foie.